2017 Roundup

December 22, 2017After Hours

Solar eclipse, winter car camping, Berlin, paddle boarding—here are the highlights from 2017!


December 31, 2011After Hours

My dad found another box of stuff in the basement at my grandparent’s house. Going through it, we found a book from my great-grandfather’s funeral as well as his obituary and this letter to my great-grandmother from Podbiel, Slovakia—all of which spelled their last name as “Salus” (though I think that the letter on the … Read More

Farewell Minneapolis Avenue

October 15, 2011After Hours

My grandparents are old—in their 90s—and it is too dangerous for them to stay in this place with steep stairways and tiny spaces. So they are going to move in one month. I realized that I was putting off the visit because I knew that it would be the last time. How do you go … Read More