Seaside or Mountains?

July 1, 2009Travel

If I had to choose a landscape in which to spend my time it would be the seaside. Throw in some fields, dunes and forrest on a tiny island in the sea and I am a happy girl. For that reason it seems that being closer to the north of Germany than to the south … Read More

Happy Place

June 23, 2009minnesota, Travel, USA

I feel so lucky to have had two such fantastic weekends away in a month. As an added bonus (because of my geographical positioning and timing) I was able to see lilacs and lupine in bloom in three different locations. I also loved it that the places I stayed, both on Lake Superior and Amrum, … Read More

Even Amrum Has McMansions

June 6, 2009Travel

Wow. Those of you who know my work will not be surprised that this place caught my eye. I have been trying to write this post for days but just can’t quite seem to say what I want to say. You see, if I think about The Suburb as I understand it—its history, reason for … Read More

Flowers on Amrum

May 29, 2009Travel

I was really delighted by all of the flowers on Amrum. And so happylucky that many of the Lilac and Azalea bushes were still in full bloom; I don’t know that I have ever gotten to enjoy two rounds of those fleeting beauties in one year. Bonus! But wait—there’s more! Lupines. Lupines everywhere!

Amrum | Reservations by Postcard

May 26, 2009Travel

Imagine my consternation when, in order to reserve a room on the island of Amrum, we were asked to mail our hostess a postcard with the dates of our trip. On one hand it seemed unnervingly lo-tech and yet on the other hand it was rather charming in its eccentricity. And so we sent off … Read More

Trip West, Part II, Krefeld

April 19, 2009Travel

The second part of our weekend took us to Krefeld, a thirty minute train ride from Düsseldorf. Krefeld isn’t a big tourist destination, but there is something about it in terms of size and layout that I find fascinating. When I am in these small or mid-sized German cities, I always feel like I am … Read More

Trip West, Part I

April 15, 2009Travel

The first part of our weekend was spent visiting friends just outside of Düsseldorf. We walked around Schloß Benrath (that’s the pink building) and I just about lost my mind over the fragrance of the magnolia tree. The weather was lovely and I ate two ice cream cones in two days, which I don’t think … Read More


June 28, 2008Travel

The German half of this relationship thinks that my fascination with Kleingartens is equal parts horrifying, crazy and amusing. When it was mentioned to friends last night I don’t think that anyone took it seriously and it was quickly disregarded. From my outsider perspective, however, they are genuinely interesting. They remind me of miniature suburbs, … Read More