Naniboujou Lodge

August 30, 2015Travel

A few days at a remarkably well-preserved 1920s lodge on the north shore of Lake Superior.

Beach Weekend

March 26, 2015Travel, Travel Topics

    We made it back out to the beach for a long weekend a few weeks ago. Lots of walking and dune picnics and that’s about all there is to tell!

An update from the coast

February 7, 2015Travel, Travel Topics

I know it’s been way too long since I’ve been around here. And I don’t mean the almost total absence since I posted from the road, but since we left Berlin…and even arguably before that. And really what is up with that? Especially in the last couple of months, when we have generally been living life … Read More

Farewell, Friend

January 23, 2015Travel, Travel Topics

Today the world lost a lovely lady and this blog lost a loyal reader and friend. My heart is heavy for her family and their huge loss. It will be hard to know that, from here on out, the blog posts I write will not be answered by her thoughtful emails commenting on whatever I’ve shared. I … Read More

On the Road

December 15, 2014Roadtrips, Travel

I never thought our December departure from Minneapolis would look and feel like spring. The air had that earthy, just-rained kind of smell as we packed up the car and the ground was muddy instead of icy. But there you are. I’m sure winter will return soon. Prep for the road included timing a loaf … Read More

Winter Scenes

December 14, 2014Travel, Travel Topics

Winter came early this year. It began exactly on November 10, when I opened my eyes to this scene outside. I’ve been trying to make the best of it—baking and cooking a lot. Also we got a new rug, which has changed everything and I don’t know how we ever did without it. I love … Read More

Daily Walks Through the Red Light District

November 18, 2014Places

I get a charge out of place names that refer to the original landscape features of a place before they were bulldozed into oblivion for parking lots, roads, and buildings. Around these parts, we have suburbs like Maple Grove, Forest Lake, Eden Prairie, and so on—once you start looking, these names are everywhere. But it’s not … Read More