Sunday Afternoon

March 1, 2009Berlin

I spent the first part of this Sunday in the kitchen. The weather these last few days has had notes of spring to it. We had plans to enjoy the warmth and light by taking a midday stroll around the Volkspark Friedrichshain. As I was tending the dough, I kept peaking out the window to … Read More

Snow Day with Hammershøi

February 19, 2009Berlin

Today has been the kind of silent day that can only happen in winter. The snow was falling before I got out of bed and it hasn’t stopped yet. The light in the apartment is nice—a little bit dark, but with a bluish, reflected quality that is comfortable and pleasing. The feel of the apartment … Read More

Snow, sun, clouds and canvas making

February 18, 2009Berlin, Creative Time

This is what it looked like in and around Berlin on Sunday. The snow continued until Tuesday, when we got what has to be our first day of real, all day sun in months and months. Everyone was giddy. I made it outside and found that I could walk along a shoveled, ice-free path for … Read More


February 14, 2009Berlin

My first foray into Berlin’s film festival, the Berlinale, happened last night thanks to C, who had tickets to a group of short films. This winter has been an extra good movie season for me. I’ve rented and downloaded movies to watch with the ‘beamer’ on the wall at home (that is a projector for … Read More

Winter in Berlin

February 3, 2009Berlin

The Darkness… the Gray… the Cold. I long to be out exploring this place but in the last month I have found myself more often than not somewhere warm watching movies or reading a book.  I took this picture last week after meeting C for lunch. The blue sky was fighting very hard to come out for … Read More

Heated Seats

December 23, 2008Travel, Travel Topics

Since my last post nothing much has changed; it’s still snowing and it’s still below zero. Does the picture above make you want to go out cross country skiing in the dazzling, snowy landscape? Don’t let it fool you. It was bitterly cold when I took that photo— -7F. But there are things that I … Read More


December 15, 2008Travel, Travel Topics

The kitchen smells like rosemary but the guest have cancelled; roads are closed and covered in ice and snow. I am reading my book under a blanket in the kitchen chair and getting ready to eat the dinner than I started preparing yesterday. An alternate version has been planned for Tuesday.  

Berliner Ensemble

November 4, 2008Berlin

A friend of ours organized an event at the Berliner Ensemble on Sunday morning and invited us to attend. One of the greatest things about living in another country is coming into contact with that country’s history in a way that doesn’t happen in tourist mode; as a tourist you choose the destination and the … Read More

Art Forum

November 3, 2008Berlin

We spent Saturday at Art Forum. By the time we left it was dark outside. As we walked to the U-Bahn I caught sight of a Chinese restaurant twinkling on the second story of a hotel. I have a thing for restaurants and bars that aren’t on the ground floor. Plus, there were little lights … Read More