Potsdam Revisited

October 27, 2008Berlin

It was overcast on Saturday but we wanted to get outside and go for a walk. We figured that with the cloudy skies and the time of year and all that Potsdam would be relatively quiet. We were right. It was fantastically peaceful and although it was cloudy, the air was fresh smelling and warm.  … Read More

‘Lil Bunker in the Woods

October 23, 2008Berlin

A two hour tour of a moldy, soon-to-be-sealed-forever bunker in the woods outside of Berlin. There was outdated technic and late 70’s/early 80’s DDR decor; very Nuclear War meets Better Homes and Gardens. Quite surreal. Wondered how I got talked into it. But glad I went.

Sunday Flea Market in Mauerpark

October 20, 2008Berlin

I was a bad photographer yesterday at the flea market in Mauerpark. I didn’t take even one photo of the oddities I held in my hands. The biggest non-purchase regret that I walked away with was part of a model train set. It was a 70’s style Deutsche Bahn building that had an “Ost” sign … Read More

Möbel, Oderberger Straße

October 16, 2008Berlin

  We walked past Möbel last night. Across the street we snuck into an old public swimming pool hall. It was an old building made of stone with an arched entrance way. It was open for a private party but the party-goers hadn’t arrived yet. (We weren’t the only ones checking it out and the … Read More

Café Liebling

October 13, 2008Berlin

At the beginning of September we began going out for walks at night. We would walk aimlessly, pick a cafe, sit outside and and have a drink in the early autumn air. Well, due to some unfortunate circumstances I was out of commission for a month and missed a lot of nice fall evenings.  Last … Read More

Soup Kick

September 18, 2008Berlin

Tonight something changed my life. F’s stick blender. I have been eyeing this thing very very dubiously for a long long time now. The only thing I have seen him use it for was banana milkshakes. Somehow the banana milkshakes failed to capture my imagination. But for the last few days I have been thinking, … Read More

A Little Walking Tour

August 28, 2008Berlin

Last weekend I was in pretty sore need of some time away from the city. So we took the train about half an hour north of the Berlin to Eberswalde. From here we spent the day walking, ending up at the little town of Chorin. Now I realize that some of these photos look like … Read More

Calls for Help

August 24, 2008Berlin

I wrote today’s post in my head while I was participating in the six hour walk that the German half proposed we make today for fun times. We are now home of our own accord even though I called for outside help three times: -Once in the forest when the one and only car passed … Read More

DDR Apartment Renovation

August 8, 2008Berlin

After some previous renovation projects, I never wanted to go to Home Depot or IKEA again. I really enjoyed the decisions that went into the project, but the amount of physical labor involved required getting dirty and tired and putting Life on hold for months at a time in exchange for 12-16 hour days. So … Read More

Panoramic Wallpaper

August 3, 2008Berlin

I have been walking past this storefront for a month now. And from a distance I have enjoyed the strips of panoramic landscapes on either side of the door. I was always uncertain, however, as to what was going on in there in terms of commerce—I had never seen anything like it. It is the … Read More