Scratch ‘n Cut Hairdresser

July 22, 2008Berlin

Here in Berlin the weather continues to be chilly. Yesterday it barely broke 60 degrees. But it is comfortable and I can’t say that I miss the hot, sticky summer.  I snapped this sign on the walk back from a friend’s house the other night. Frisör means ‘hairdresser’. I thought that this name was right up … Read More

I Carried a Watermelon—or—IKEA in Berlin

July 15, 2008Berlin

This is the only picture I have from our weekend trip to IKEA. A guy carrying a mattress. To the S-Bahn. My previous experience with IKEA had always been the Minneapolis IKEA, which is across the street from the Mall of America. It is a trip that would not be fun without a car—a trip … Read More


June 28, 2008Travel, Travel Topics

The German half of this relationship thinks that my fascination with Kleingartens is equal parts horrifying, crazy and amusing. When it was mentioned to friends last night I don’t think that anyone took it seriously and it was quickly disregarded. From my outsider perspective, however, they are genuinely interesting. They remind me of miniature suburbs, … Read More

Hank Meadows’ Popovers

June 15, 2008Travel, Travel Topics

I have no idea who Hank Meadows is. I just have a vague mental image that sets him in the 1950’s as a roundish, middle-aged guy who secretly liked to cook. His popover recipe came from my grandma’s recipe box. She had about five popover recipes in that box. I have tried each of them … Read More

Loring Cafe, circa 1998

May 14, 2008Berlin

It’s been a rough day of packing here and I came across this polaroid amidst my stuff. I loved this place. I tried to find some documentation of it online, but it wasn’t readily available and I don’t want to loose my packing momentum spending much more time on it. But it makes sense because … Read More

The Jazz Image

April 27, 2008Travel, Travel Topics

I wish that I could file this one under “Things I Will Miss.” Unfortunately, it left before I did. The Jazz Image was a radio show, broadcast every Saturday night on Minneapolis Public Radio. It had a spectacular run decades long. Leigh Kammond, the host, kept different hours over the years. The show used to … Read More

Lunar eclipse

February 20, 2008Travel, Travel Topics

I watched the lunar eclipse from my kitchen’s skylight window this evening. As I often do in this apartment, I remarked at how lucky I am. To have such a vantage point on such a rare occasion is special. Tonight the eclipse was only visible in the Americas and, in addition to this, tonight was particularly clear. … Read More