by Anthony

Treptower Park is a bit out of the way from Field Office HQ, but our good friend and self professed русские-o-phile Micheal was in town recently so we decided to visit to the Soviet memorial there. It seemed like a suitable adventure, and we are always up for an adventure!

Now for a quick history lesson. The memorial was built in as a tribute to the Red Army that fought in the Battle of Berlin. Between 70-80,000 Russian soldiers died to capture the city for Russia ahead of advancing Western forces at the end WWII.

The architecture of the park is decidedly Soviet, with massive promenades, towering red granite sculptures of flags flanking the entrance to the memorial and quotes from Stalin all over the place.

It was all very serious and rightfully so, but I think my favorite part was the kids rolling down the hill under the statue of the soldier.

Soviet Memorial/Sowjetische Ehrenmal – Treptower Park