As I write this it is almost 70 degrees and sunny outside. There is a little breeze coming through the window and I can hear children playing in the school yard next door.

It is another day in a string of days that have followed one after the other these last two weeks.

I can’t say that in that time, if you had knocked on my door expecting to distract me from my work, you would have gotten an answer. Because I have been out, finding ways to distract myself.

I have lunched several times in the sun with hundreds of others in the Kastanienallee. I have taken walks and lingered long. Yesterday I took up my friend T on his suggestion of having an ice cream at Glücklich am Park before heading back inside.

Today I passed up another lunch invite. It was hard to do. But I can be proud that in that time I actually got something done. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Top photo: Glücklich Am Park, Kastanienallee 5410119 Berli
Bottom photo: Detail,
Dean & Deluca