How to Make A NextGen Album Open Directly in Lightbox

February 5, 2010Uncategorized

PROBLEM: How to show a group of NextGen gallery thumbnails on a page (what NextGen calls an ‘Album’) then open the gallery directly in a lightbox when the thumbnail is clicked. SOLUTION: The good news is that it is possible to do this but you can’t do it with albums; you have to list out … Read More

How to Make the Best of Winter

February 3, 2010Uncategorized

Life-size ice castles Torchlight parades with horse-drawn floats Epic medallion hunts in the snow—with rhyming clues Wind Princesses Ice carving competitions Every year since 1886, the city of St Paul, Minnesota has created an 11 day winter wonderland during the coldest days of the year. [nggallery id=33] Photos courtesy of

Painting in Sunny Locations is Good

August 28, 2009Uncategorized, Workbook

Yesterday I wrote about summer coming to an end. This always brings on a shared sense of dread for those of us who live in northern parts of the world. Not particularly because of the cold but because of the light. Or the lack thereof. I am excited to say that for several months this … Read More

Once Upon a Lake by Thelma Jones

December 5, 2008Uncategorized

This inscription on the inside of this book was written in 1975. It was a birthday gift from my mom to my grandma. I remember seeing this book throughout my childhood. It was always such an intriguing book; it has a rough, papery book jacket (which is now brittle and falling apart) and a charming sailboat pattern … Read More

The Luce Line Trail

November 26, 2008Uncategorized

I am back in Minnesota. The weather has been surprisingly on the warm side so one of the first things we did was take a walk on the Luce Line. Originally a railroad line, the tracks were torn up and turned into a 63 mile path starting in the 1970’s. As a kid I spent … Read More


July 26, 2008Uncategorized

We have spent the last month trying to find a new apartment, which is never fun. This apartment search, however, has been a particularly mind numbing combo of stress-enhancing factors including no time, a sillylong list of ‘must haves’ (authored by me), no time, creative employment (on my part), no time and a still small … Read More

Babylon at the Pergamon Museum

July 1, 2008Uncategorized

We went to see Babylon at the Pergamon Museum this past weekend. This exhibit is in two parts—Myth and Truth— with each part occuping a separate floor. First you go through an extensive ‘truth’ section comprised of artifacts from all parts of Babylonian life: religion, work, everyday life, architecture, etc. It took us about two hours … Read More

B + Beach = Chilly Weather + Crazies

June 20, 2008Uncategorized

Today I decided to take advantage of my close proximity to the beach. I thought that it sounded nice to bring my book, a towel and some food and spend the day reading, napping and enjoying the breeze. But by the time I got there, the weather looked as it does in the photo above. … Read More

Dinner at the Schiffergesellschaft

June 18, 2008Uncategorized

I’ve been living on bread and cheese with the occasional cucumber for two weeks now. Not out of hardship but because I heart bread and German bread is the best. I don’t even eat bread in the States because it hurts me too much to know what I am missing. But today I maxed out. … Read More

Soccer and Beach Bars

June 17, 2008Uncategorized

Met some friends for soccer viewing at the White Trash Beach Bar this evening. The game was projected underneath one of the brick arches that supports the S-Bahn track. Rows of benches were set up theater style and we spent 90 minutes of soccer watching accompanied by the distant rumble and shake from the track above. … Read More