Vintage Ford Falcon van

I know it’s been way too long since I’ve been around here. And I don’t mean the almost total absence since I posted from the road, but since we left Berlin…and even arguably before that.

And really what is up with that? Especially in the last couple of months, when we have generally been living life in such a way that is exactly in line with writing a blog called the Field Office? We drove cross-country, stayed in a mid-century house at the base of an old volcano and then a former commercial space converted to a flat in Portland’s Pearl District. After that we set up shop in a beach house on Oregon’s north coast, where we made lots of work and lived every day with a kind of simple joy that was just spectacular.

So why? Why am I not writing this stuff down or sharing it?

Sometimes it feels like it just takes too much time—the corralling of the photos, the writing, etc. But that seems like a flimsy excuse because yeah, it takes time, but other people manage to do it! So maybe it’s an issue of being better organized? And whoever said that a blog post had to be composed of loads of photos or long essays? Maybe I’m making it more difficult than it needs to be. To be honest, I have yet to figure out how to be a blogger when we are truly Field Officing—so often we are in places with zero-to-spotty internet and trying to upload cards and edit while being present in whatever we are up to is super difficult.

Whatever it is, it bums me out because there have been so many fun things that have happened and I just haven’t shared them. So if this is a journal of sorts, it’s got some blank pages.

This post is in no way intended to be some kind of new year’s resolution to blog more. I just felt I had to post something if I was ever going to get the ball rolling again.

So let’s start with this guy in the van. When we arrived at the beach house, he was sitting in the sun in an Adirondack chair on the little hill just to the left, looking out at the ocean. He had a tent set up in the trees on the other side of the road. Never got to talk to him, but seems he owns both pieces of property and comes out in his van to camp there. Yes.