We were playing it loose on day two in Terlingua—not really sure if we would stay or go or if we stayed, where we would stay. Then came an email from Kaci at Upstairs at the Mansion letting us know that she had an unexpected vacancy in her half-dilapitated 1909 boutique desert hotel.

We went up the hill to check it out and were immediately convinced that this was our place. While we were scoping it out, I took the first photo of Anthony with the hotel cat —a photo that lead to an offer from Instagram to write a post about taking pictures of other people taking pictures. You can read that here!

We spent the rest of our day taking photos around Terlingua. In the evening we sat on the porch with the other two guests (there are only two rooms to rent at the mansion—the others don’t have ceilings…or floors) until Kaci suggested we run down the hill to the Starlight, where somebody plays the fiddle on the porch as the sun goes down. Unfortunately we were a little slow and just missed that. Instead we made soup in the communal kitchen and stayed up late.