I wrote about my visit to Cape Meares this past summer, but what I didn’t do was edit and post the video. Well, all of these months later and the video is ready to go.

This post started the other day in San Francisco, but I never finished it before hitting the airport, and now I’m a world away and back at my old Berlin flat—well no, not the same flat but the same building. And the place I’m subletting is the same layout as my old place so it’s all feeling pretty full circle/dejavu.

My time here is about a lot of things but coming full circle is a major theme. So it seemed like a good idea to revisit the Field Report aka my Berlin video diaries. Since the first round of those—January 2011 to about August 2011—I’ve made some videos but never on the same schedule from that time, which was one post every Monday. My goal is to return to that format if I can.

I’ll be posting those dispatches here, but I’ll be hosting them on the newly minted Field Office YouTube channel—I’d love it if you’d be up for supporting that by subscribing here.

Thanks and more soon!