We had a friend in town over the weekend who has a special affinity for Soviet war memorials. The resulting theme for the weekend’s outings? Soviet war memorials.

I attended Sundays’s excursion to the Volkspark Schönholzer Heide, where we found the park’s war memorial locked up tight due to renovations. That was okay, though, because what we found instead was a heavily wooded park with the occasional wildflower field and that was exactly what I needed.

Like all of my favorite German parks, Schönholzer Heide has a restaurant, Kleingartens, and a combination of official and unofficial walking paths. The unofficial ones meander off through fields and into the underbrush. One path brought us through some trees to a Netto (grocery store) in the middle of an empty parking lot (it was Sunday, after all) in the middle of the woods. Very surreal. Where are the photos of that, you ask? Good question. Kicking myself.

Located just a few S-bahn stops north the city.

Volkspark Schönholzer Heide
Hermann-Hesse-Str. 82
13156 Berlin