Guten Einkauf

I’ve been absent here the last couple of weeks because things have been a little out of hand—in the best possible way. Last weekend I attended Jessica Swift’s Pattern Camp in Portland, which was so fun (post coming). This weekend we are in Minneapolis packing up our house because we sold it (!!) and only have a couple weeks to go before closing. It’s a daunting task to sort and organize so many years worth of stuff with no new house to move it into, so I’m taking the opportunity to embrace the minimalism as much as possible. It’s hard. Hope I have the wherewithal in the coming week to check in on time!

Hope you are having a great weekend—is anybody up to anything fun?

Some links from the last couple of weeks:

Lake Michigan is so clear right now that you can see shipwrecks from the air.

Great interactive story on New York’s most memorable walks.

Midcentury map of American wildflowers.

No more FM radio?

One man starts a plumbing project and ends up digging through serious history.

Time-lapse elevator ride spans 500 years of the New York City skyline.

Now if we could take back the original meaning of “Minnesota Nice.”

Image from Present & Correct