Blooming tree in Portland Oregon
Flower petals in Portland Oregon
Ferns on a garage in Portland Oregon
Floral pattern FLOR16001

This whole Pacific Northwest winter scenario still feels like a big experiment to me. For those of you who are longtime readers, you might remember how much I struggled through the long, dark Berlin winters. They were no good for my spirit and one of the biggest reasons that gave me pause when considering a move to Portland.

Well, now that it’s January, I know winter isn’t anywhere near over yet and I also know that sometimes it’s those late winter/early spring months that can be the hardest. But so far so good here, in regards to the weather. The biggest difference between Portland and Berlin is the amount of winter green absolutely everywhere. It counts for a lot. Also, people: there are trees flowering as we speak. In January.

So yeah, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find the winters here not all that comparable to Berlin winters and for that I am glad. Also super┬ápleased to find the bright color palettes coming out in my work!