20141204__012Winter came early this year.

20141110__001It began exactly on November 10, when I opened my eyes to this scene outside.

pot piesI’ve been trying to make the best of it—baking and cooking a lot. Also we got a new rug, which has changed everything and I don’t know how we ever did without it.

20141120__004I love our skylight views, which are so different in every direction—this is to the east, out the kitchen window.

20141116__003Daily walks get harder at this time of the year because of the cold and the ice. It was -4F (-20C) on Thanksgiving.

20141202__011Another skylight view. Sometimes when it snows, we live in a snow cave for days until it melts or falls off.

20141129__008Dusky alley walking in St. Paul.

20141129__007A “warm” day.


20141127__005My sister was in town from San Francisco for Thanksgiving. Totally not acclimated to the cold, but she was a sport and went for a walk with me anyways.

One of Metro’s regular spots.


20141130__010And I finally tried my hand at Laugenbrötchen. They were a little wonky but a good first try. Need to do another batch because I miss them so.

We’ll be escaping winter (I hope!!) for awhile, when we start our drive west tomorrow, destination Portland!



  • Always inspired by your beautiful baking and cooking. Your creations keep looking more professional – like a piece of art!

    See you in the Mountain West (where I can’t wait to try some ginger snaps!)

  • Oh wow, Laugenbrötchen! I have never made Laugen-anything or even bagels. I was trying to get the nerve up after the Wednesday Chef made pretzels. Maybe I’ll have to go for it! Stay warm my friend, and happy new year!

    • I still need to give them a second try—that first round looked ok but they were a little doughy/underdone inside and slightly burned on the outside. With a little practice, I think they could satisfy the craving! Let me know if you make some and how it goes.

      Thank you for the New Year wishes! Same to you—looks like you are enjoying Hawaii!

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