Wild parakeets print + free shipping

April 12, 2013News, Workbook

We were enchanted by the wild parakeets flying around Natalie‘s garden in London. Bright green blurs against overcast skies. Prints of this photo by Anthony are now available in our Society6 shop. Sizes range from minis (7 x 10″) to extra-large (28 x 40″) and you can get free shipping worldwide now through April 14th … Read More

A Map of the World

April 8, 2013News, Workbook

Drawing + places are kind of my thing so I was super excited to work on A Map of the World, Gestalten’s new book about contemporary illustration that explores the subject of place. As a writer for the project, I got to find out a little bit more about old favorites like Oliver Jeffers and … Read More

Hello from Minneapolis!

April 4, 2013News, Workbook

I arrived yesterday afternoon and am so happy to be here amongst family, friends, and animals. Anthony landed in New York last night and will join me here on Saturday. Our April 3 travel date became a kind of bookend for this past year—it was April 2012 that we returned from the US after five … Read More

Last days in the studio…for now

March 18, 2013News, Workbook

I’m reaching the last stretch of painting days before these canvases need to get shipped out. !!?? If I may share a tiny blogging regret with you, it would be that I didn’t document this work and the process of making it on the blog—in fact, I almost stopped writing here altogether. But it’s not … Read More

Twelve Blog: Shout

March 15, 2013News, Workbook

Cities are in a constant state of change; neighborhoods morph this way and that from safe to crime-infested, from run-down to hip to boring, etc. Berlin as we know it came into being from a unique combination of factors and history, but time has caught up with it and the change is happening at an … Read More

Coke Light Campaign

February 18, 2013News, Workbook

Anthony shot this Coke Light campaign just before Christmas. Over the last few weeks, the billboards went up all over town and it’s been fun to see them in unexpected places. The campaign even made a cameo in an honest-to-goodness Berlin Scandal in which a landlord installed one of the ads as a massive billboard … Read More

Twelve Blog: Lovers

February 4, 2013News, Workbook

New Year’s Eve, Minneapolis, USA This photo is part of an ongoing series at twelveblog.tumblr.com. You can find a collection of my photos for the project here. 

Twelve Blog: January: Celebration

January 2, 2013Workbook

This year I am excited to be working as a monthly contributor to Twelve, a project that asks a small group of photographers to interpret a new theme each month. The creator of Twelve is Heather Zweig. You can see a list of all contributors here! For January’s theme of celebration, I headed over to … Read More

Van Trailer

December 3, 2012Workbook

A little trailer for our forthcoming video about driving down the California coast and into the Joshua Tree National Park in a 1979 VW Camper Van. More about this adventure here.

New Tumblr

November 28, 2012Workbook

Thank you so much to those who wrote such nice comments about the works in progress the other week! I’ve put together a tumblr for my studio—it includes photos of studios past and I will be updating it on a regular basis. >> rebeccasilus.tumblr.com

Anthony + Upperorange

November 12, 2012Workbook

Hello Monday! The news from Anthony’s cubicle is that he is now repped in the EU by Upperorange! You can see this photo and many many more on their website.

Work In Progress

November 6, 2012Workbook

It’s time for a studio visit, I think. So this is it. This is what I’ve been working on these last months, the work that has left me feeling a bit crazed and cooped up. I don’t think I’ve ever really explained what this work is all about—it is for a solo show/residency I have … Read More