Instagram road trip for Sister Magazine

August 27, 2012Workbook

I was SO excited when Berlin-based Sister Magazine asked me to contribute to their most recent issue. The story features my illustrations and Instagram photos taken on our road trip across the United States this past winter. The magazine is digital publication—you can read it on their website or download it in iTunes to read on … Read More

Mighty Oaks

August 8, 2012Berlin, Workbook

We had so much fun shooting with the Mighty Oaks the other day. Also the sun came out on cue, I brushed up on my boat maneuvering skills, and nobody went in the drink.


June 9, 2012Workbook

I guess it’s not really fair to say that this week’s work in the studio was a beginning. Maybe more like a return. A few months ago I did begin working on new work for a show that will happen next April. But up until this week, that was digital work. And that certainly felt … Read More

Flats Miniprint

June 4, 2012Workbook

Back in 2007, when my sister was living in Albania, I planned a trip to visit her. This was, coincidentally, the same trip that brought me back to Germany and set things in motion for the move to Berlin. As I was packing my bags—and trying to decide which pair of flats to bring along—I … Read More

Etsy Shop

May 22, 2012Workbook

A week or two ago, I opened up an Etsy shop for the Field Office. I thought it might be a good framework for some projects that I’ve been wanting to do but did’t have any outlet for. The idea is to start with some prints that reflect the sketchbooks that I’ve always loved to … Read More


May 19, 2012Workbook

During our five months on the road, I thought a lot about practice. I used this time to hit the reset button on my own studio practice and begin to master some work habits that had always alluded me. I thought about focus, frustration, fear, confidence, being overwhelmed, and endurance. I though about the necessity of … Read More

The schedule.

January 5, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel, Workbook

By Rebecca The alarm goes off at 6:30am. We work like crazies so that we can go to the beach in the afternoon. This is the way here. Well, this is supposed to be the way all of the time, but there isn’t usually an 80 degree day + an ocean as incentive. On my … Read More


October 28, 2011Berlin, Workbook

by Rebecca Anthony scooted over to the table across the aisle and began building something with the blocks that were on the table top. When he was finished, the blocks spelled “Berlin.” But there was a structural problem with the “n” making it collapse and sending the rest of the letters down like dominoes. This … Read More