The North Shore on film.

October 2, 2011Travel, USA, Workbook

by Rebecca Anthony came into my world with an Oympus XA in his back pocket. It is a point-and-shoot film camera, with which he is adept at capturing magical moments in a sneaky fashion. It is also a camera that my dad had when I was growing up. He let me use (read: take over) … Read More

Interview with David Plowden

August 16, 2011Workbook

Last night’s The Story interview with photographer David Plowden gets a big recommendation from me. The way he tells the story of his work and career—starting as a boy and ending with his current (maybe) retirement—is fascinating. He radiates a comforting assurance that is not at all arrogant…just warm and humble.

Behind the Zines

August 6, 2011Workbook

My copy of Behind the Zines finally arrived. I wrote about each of the self-published works featured in this book. It was a fun project because the content was so diverse; pieces were serious and playful, straightforward and conceptual, experimental and well-established. A few of the projects that extra-caught my eye were Cabin and Woods, … Read More


June 12, 2011Workbook

I’ve made the executive decision not to do the Field Report today. For those of you who don’t know the drill: every week, filming wraps up on Saturday night and I edit everything together on Sunday before starting all over again. Seeing as I stayed out all night last night and walked home after the … Read More

Ulrike Heydenreich

May 2, 2011Workbook

About a month ago, I translated the text for a leporello about the work of Ulrike Heydenreich, a German artist whose work I love love love (read my translation here). This morning, a package arrived with the final product; a beautifully designed and printed piece. See more of Ulrike Heydenreich’s work at

Studio in Santa Fe

March 4, 2010Santa Fe, Workbook

Santa Fe, New Mexico I arrived in Santa Fe yesterday evening. My room and studio are both spacious and bright. This morning I have had the studios to myself so I began by arranging my space. Now that I’ve got my desk where I want it, I am taking a moment to post this and … Read More

Work in Progress

February 9, 2010Workbook

A detail of what I’m working on today. I have two paintings to finish before I leave next week and it is starting to feel a little close.

New Cards

November 2, 2009Workbook

I’m so happy with my new cards. Printed by the fabulous Letterpress 77 in Düsseldorf!

Painting in Sunny Locations is Good

August 28, 2009Uncategorized, Workbook

Yesterday I wrote about summer coming to an end. This always brings on a shared sense of dread for those of us who live in northern parts of the world. Not particularly because of the cold but because of the light. Or the lack thereof. I am excited to say that for several months this … Read More