Using the van as a mobile office worked out pretty well, though there are a few things that would need to be sorted out in the future.

Number one was power for all the devices; two computers, a camera being used for a lot of video, two iPhones being used as cameras, maps, and google machines. Charging all of these through the one outlet in the front of the van while we were in transit was a tall order. Next time: a solar panel?

The second issue was internet. I switched to AT&T the day we left so that I could tether the computer to my iPhone (I have an unlocked iPhone and use Simyo when in Germany). I’d been using T-Mobile’s monthly, no-contract plan up to this point, but the reception is non-existent unless you are in highly populated areas, which we are often not. I now have a 4GB plan and used about 1GB of that over the course of the week, making sure to keep internet use to a minimum. It worked out alright, but having to be that vigilant is not the greatest way to work. Next time: satellite internet?

But maybe the biggest lesson here was time; it was really hard to strike a balance between moving, looking, documenting, processing, and enjoying. But isn’t it always? It was a good experiment, though. With everything so stripped down, I feel like we were able to get a different view on how we work, what we need to work, and what we want.