World Cup USA

There are many things that had to be left behind in the move from Berlin to Minneapolis. I assumed one would be the World Cup—but instead the US embrace the fun this year including watching the game outside, which is hands down one of the best things about the whole spectacle.

World Cup USA  World Cup USA

I was pleasantly surprised to find my fellow Americans putting on a “public viewing” as the Germans hilariously call it (they actually use the English words) in a fashion that any German would find completely respectable. And it was really fun to see the American spin on it—something to do with the atmosphere, just so warm and friendly.

World Cup USA

Sadly, what Americans don’t know about (yet) is the amazingness of the grilled Wurst. Instead, all we got were these lame boiled dogs. BUT one thing you don’t get at the Biergarten? Tacos. It is a decidedly worthy tradeoff.

World Cup USA

These photos were taken at the US/Germany game. Of course we were sad to see America’s eventual exit, but super excited about Germany and are just about to leave to watch the final. Go Deutschland!!!

World Cup USA  World Cup USA World Cup USA World Cup USA World Cup USA World Cup USA

World Cup

Photos by Anthony Georgis for the Field Office



  • Great photos! Looks like lots of fun and more chill than many a “public viewing” here in Berlin. Was glad to experience the tournament here before I move back next week, but looks like it’s pretty fun watching at home too.

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